Our Mission

Though the company has three years of experiences in electrical products and services, we want to go further and become more prominent. As of now, our plan is to focus on what we are doing best which is providing an electrical solution to small and medium enterprises or households. Our solutions include both  MEP and medium voltage installation (for example, transformer, switchgear) that we import from the neighbouring countries and services that include maintenance, repair and much more. In the foreseeable years to come, as it is our dream to become more prominent, we want to do more electrical installation for public agencies, oversee more experience at MEP in the building, and finally, we hope one day we can manufacture some electrical products for the local market.

Our Vision

We can say that right now we are a credible service provider and we have been responsible for hundreds, medium, and big projects. Also, we understand that the dream to manufacture our electrical products makes take a long time to realize; however, as a local-owned company, it is important to include local products in a long-term strategy.